Media Appearance Round-Up!

Hello friend,

Sorry about the long delay between posts! I’ll try not to go so long between messages again.

First off, an enormous thank you to all my friends who came out to see me at Sask Expo Regina, or at my in-store appearance at Amazing Stories. It has been so gratifying to see so many people picking up the new book, or giving me nice feedback, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Speaking of appreciation, I feel so lucky to live in Saskatchewan, where local media is so supportive of the arts. Virtually all my media appearances related to “Waiting for Wednesday” have been offered to me, as locally-focused reporters heard about the release (or are already subscribed to this very newsletter you’re reading and wanted to support a local author. I think that’s a pretty rare thing. Even rarer, I think, is the depth of the questions asked. Every interview I gave in support of the book showed the interviewer had familiarized themselves with my work, or had even read the book in advance. TV and Radio can be pretty nerve-wracking, so to have such care given to you even before you sit down really goes a long way in making someone feel comfortable. So, in case you didn’t just happen to get up early, or stay glued to the radio or TV for mentions of my name, here is your one-stop shop for catching up on recent media.

My first interview was with my friend Alex Brown from CTV Saskatoon, ahead of Sask Expo Regina. I first met her years ago when she worked in Regina. I kept up with her while her career brought her to Winnipeg, and then finally to my own hometown. She is funny and cool, and—unsurprisingly—conducts a great interview. And here it is!

Going on TV is like a Hawaiian vacation.

I’ve had a great time on most morning shows, but I gotta say, CTV Morning Live is my favourite. They’re always friendly and supportive, and I never get sick of drawing them. Being my local channel, they’re also extremely familiar, as I watch them on the elliptical at the gym five days a week.

My next appearance was also on CTV Saskatoon News at Noon, this time with local legend Jeff Rogstad. Depending how long you’ve been reading my stuff, you might remember that many years ago when I worked for Steve Thomson at the now-famous Hardpressed, I drew the ROGSTAD charity t-shirt. So I was extra glad to get to speak to Jeff face to face. His interview was also very well researched, and I was so honoured to be asked on the show. Jeff had clearly read the book, and even had some off-air questions about the story, which was extremely cool.

Don’t worry about that bottom button on my shirt, it pulled through. And I’ve hit the gym pretty hard since.

As you can see from the thumbnail above, I recently got to draw Jeff for a separate project involving the legendary Saskatoon Soaps Improv troupe, but more on that in a later post.

Next up was a chat with my good buddy (and accomplished author in his own right!) Craig Silliphant, for Punch TV. Some behind the scenes info: I lightly pranked Craig when our Zoom chat began, as I photoshopped my Zoom background to look like the one he was recording from, just to make him do a double take. It was the most work I’ve done for the smallest joke, but, to me—worth it. Craig is a real tastemaker in our city, and our friendship of course made me feel very at ease during our chat.

The thumbnail here came from a Christmas gift from a few years back where I drew Craig, and me, and the other members of our cool-guy supper club as different Star Wars types. So Craig is decidedly Corellian, while I’m some kind of ticked-off Jedi with a Batman belt buckle.

Finally, I was interviewed for CBC Radio’s The Afternoon Edition ahead of my in-store appearance at Amazing Stories. The interview was conducted by Heather Morrison, a Saskatoon based media journalist and actor. Heather also had a workout channel on Instagram, and I used to exercise along with it in the early days of the pandemic. I really enjoyed our chat, so here it is!

Dig that great old CBC Logo.

I know I say this every time, but I’ll really try to get these messages out a little more regularly. If you’re looking for Christmas commissions, do get those requests in soon, as my schedule is filling up.

Thanks for reading (and listening, and watching), I love you!