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Digging YXE Underground

Hello friend! Welcome to another long overdue artwork post. I wanted to spotlight my ongoing collaboration with a good friend, Eric Anderson. I first “met” Eric online in 2015, when he was moving to Saskatoon, and asked his then-fellow CBC colleague Matt Kruchak who were some cool Twitter people worth following. Matt listed me as one of the “cools”, and…

A Whole Lotta Shakespeare Goin’ On!

Hello friend! My apologies for that ridiculous headline, but I couldn’t resist, for the one person who might laugh at it. Like any arty Saskatchewanian, I had always enjoyed going out to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s productions, especially once I got married, as my wife is an even bigger booster of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan than I am. So a…

Saskatoon Expo 2014

Hey friend, Sorry about the long gap between posts.  I had a bunch of convention appearances, and other super fun stuff keeping me busy (more on that in future posts).   Speaking of convention appearances, I must once again thank the team behind Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo for putting on my very favourite convention.  The second year was definitely…


Hello friend! Here’s a Batman commission I did for a good friend a while back.  Then I coloured it, and made it into a print, which will be available this month at SASKATOON COMICS & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO.  Hope to see you September 20-21!  

Thanks for reading, more SaskExpo artwork coming soon!