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Digging YXE Underground

Hello friend! Welcome to another long overdue artwork post. I wanted to spotlight my ongoing collaboration with a good friend, Eric Anderson. I first “met” Eric online in 2015, when he was moving to Saskatoon, and asked his then-fellow CBC colleague Matt Kruchak who were some cool Twitter people worth following. Matt listed me as one of the “cools”, and…

Gateway to Art (Part 3)

Hey, here’s the final installment of my series on collaborating with the Gateway Festival. Normally there won’t be so many posts in one week, so hopefully this wasn’t too overwhelming! 2021 Sadly, 2021’s show was another casualty of the ongoing pandemic, so there was no poster that year. However, I was fortunate enough to create some Bengough-based graphics that were…

Gateway to Art (Part 2)

(Continued from a previous post!) Here’s part two in a year by year account of my collaboration with Gateway Music Festival Artistic Director, Michael Dawson 2016: For 2016’s show, we went a little more cosmic than the usual down to Earth look, with a flying saucer creating a crop-circle-like musical design in a Saskatchewan farmer’s field. That year I did…

Here’s today’s gig poster drawing, another image of Blake Berglund.  

Thanks for reading, I love you.

Blake Berglund & Belle Plaine Poster

Here’s a poster I did quite recently for an upcoming Planes Trains and Automobiles tour for musicians Blake Berglund and Belle Blaine.  I had drawn Blake previously for a Gateway poster (which I’ll post soon).  

(The Red area is left blank for the individual city or location to be dropped in by the printers)

Thanks for reading.  Some more convention appearances to be announced soon, stay tuned.  I love you.