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Happy Birthday, Batman.  

I recently took part in the Seymour Art Gallery’s START WITH ART exhibition.  These are the pieces I submitted this year.  It’s a wonderful event, and I consider myself fortunate to have been asked back again this year.  

In previous years, the pieces I submitted had very hard edges, and bold blocky colour.  This year I wanted a softer more gentle approach to colour, and indeed subject matter.  

I love the premise behind Start With Art, that you’re never too young to begin cultivating the appreciation of art, or to own a piece you like. My love of art began at a young age, so I’m thrilled to take some small part in that process for a young person today.  I hope the collectors enjoy the pieces they bought.

Thanks for reading, I love you.   

Start with Art 2013

Hello friend!  As documented in previous posts, I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the Seymour Art Gallery‘s Start with Art exhibition in Vancouver the past few years.  This past April I was fortunate enough to have my artwork as part of the show once more.  Though I wasn’t able to attend in person, I am told it…


Hey friends,

Happy Sunday!  Some of you might know, I’m most comfortable working in ink, but you may not know that I do also do the odd painting.  This is a step by step breakdown of a painting I did of a dear friend a few years back.  I was working at a recording/photo studio at the time, and it was a great opportunity to work on my photography skills with buddies after hours.  One of my first shoots was with a good friend (who is also a talented actor, singer, athlete, and on and on…) who was gracious enough to donate some time for me to fool around with lights and a camera.  From one of those shots, I made this painting.  Thanks, Julia!  

I do love working with acrylics, but rarely have time with life, and family and Illustration work, but hopefully it’s something I can do more of in the future.  

Another post coming tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, I love you!