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Feature Fridays: Treats and Treasures

Hello friend! Welcome to FEATURE FRIDAYS where I feature the work of another artist, writer, blogger, whatever whose work I admire. Previous entries included fine art painter Sarah Cavanaugh, fashion and culture blogger Merritt Beck, and writer and musician Rob Priestley. Today’s entry is the great Sydney Hoffman, Toronto fashion and travel blogger for Treats and Treasures. As mentioned in…

Feature Fridays: The Style Scribe

THE STYLE SCRIBE  Here’s my tribute the the great Merritt Beck, blogger and fashionista.  When I first started reading comics when I was 6 years old, my favourite character, Superman was in the middle of a renaissance courtesy of John Byrne.  Despite not being able to compare it to the silver age books, of which I had no knowledge back then, I loved Byrne’s approach, along with Marv Wolfman, and my favourite artist of all-time, Jerry Ordway.  My older sister also loved Byrne’s Superman, but for a much different reason than I did—she loved the fashion!  John Byrne made a real effort to reflect the styles of the time in Lois Lane’s sophisticated outfits, and while I was only 8 at the time, and had no appreciation for the way Lois’ ensembles were put together, it was cool to share something I loved as much as Superman comics with my cooler  big sister. 

The outfits may seem dated now, but it created an interest in my sister of the artistry that goes into comic books—and introduced me to the idea that these sorts of details really matter. 

I can’t remember how I first stumbled onto Merritt’s fashion blog, but it really is one of the best.  Her outfits show sophistication and class, with a nice sense of fun.  Plus it’s an interesting glimpse into Texas society, and as a Canadian prairie boy, Texas just seems like a magical place where all my favourite things come from.  

And, for many of the outfits Merritt posts, I file them away in my brain (and sometimes on my hard drive) for the day when DC Comics finally comes to their senses, and lets me do a Lois Lane comic, so I’ll have some great inspiration to illustrate Lois as a modern, stylish real-world woman.  So the above is my attempt at a looser, more fashion-style to Illustrate Merritt Beck, a lovely lady, and terrific writer.

Do you have any great fashion blogs that I’m missing out on?  Let me know, I’d love to hear about them. Thanks for reading, I love you.