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In the Next Year of Your Life

Hello friend! I do apologize, as always, for the long gap in posting. December was a blur of illness (I am a COVID unicorn no more) and Christmas joy, and then January got away from me, too. So here I am, on the doorstep of February, in a new year, with an update. Though I still think of my years…


Hello friend!  Here’s a commission I did a few years back, then coloured to turn into a print.  The only characters without fear!   Thanks for reading, I love you.

A good look at one of last year’s Gateway Festival posters.  I was commissioned to draw several different posters featuring different performers and groups, none bigger than the great Steve Earle and the Dukes.  I’ll post some more of these this week, as well as the cover to this year’s festival guide.

Thanks for reading.  I love you.