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Vancouver in Spring

Hello friend! As I teased in my last post, I’m hoping to add some fun new locations to my list of convention appearances for 2023. The first I’d like to announce is that I’ll be appearing at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, May 20th and 21st, 2023! I am thrilled to be included at such a prestigious and curated show, especially in Vancouver,…

In the Next Year of Your Life

Hello friend! I do apologize, as always, for the long gap in posting. December was a blur of illness (I am a COVID unicorn no more) and Christmas joy, and then January got away from me, too. So here I am, on the doorstep of February, in a new year, with an update. Though I still think of my years…

Exclusive SCEE Brandon Routh Print

This limited edition print will be available exclusively at this weekend’s Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo at Prairieland Park.  Superman stands on guard for beautiful Saskatoon as Brandon Routh himself lands in the City of Bridges, Saskatchewan’s own version of Metropolis.  Come on out and get a copy.  

Thanks for reading, I love you.


He’s Got Radioactive Blood!

Hey friends!  Posting every day in may continues!  Today it’s a before-and-after about a Spider-Man commission I did last year. Like a dope, I didn’t take any pictures of the pencil stage, but here is the ink stage.  And here is the finished piece, painted with watercolour. This was a really fun project, and even got featured on Global Morning…