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It Was 20 Years Ago Today Part One: Getting In

During the hectic pace of Spring, I neglected to realize as it passed that May marked 20 years since I convocated from Sheridan College’s Advanced Illustration program. As depressing as it is to realize just how old I am getting, these sorts of anniversaries are a good excuse to look back on the very earliest days of my career. So settle in, here comes…

A Whole Lotta Shakespeare Goin’ On!

Hello friend! My apologies for that ridiculous headline, but I couldn’t resist, for the one person who might laugh at it. Like any arty Saskatchewanian, I had always enjoyed going out to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s productions, especially once I got married, as my wife is an even bigger booster of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan than I am. So a…

C4 – Central Canada Comic-Con!  

Hey friends!  This weekend I’ll be appearing at C4 con in Winnipeg.  This is my first time at a Manitoba convention, and I’m very excited.  Be sure to stop by my table 104 on the second level, and get a drawing from me! Looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks for reading, I love you.


Hello friend! Here’s a Batman commission I did for a good friend a while back.  Then I coloured it, and made it into a print, which will be available this month at SASKATOON COMICS & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO.  Hope to see you September 20-21!  

Thanks for reading, more SaskExpo artwork coming soon!

Postively 3rd Place

Hello friend!   So, a little while back, I got notice from Bob Dylan’s official Facebook page that there was a contest on Creative Allies to design a new poster for Bob Dylan.  Anyone who knows my family also knows we have a multi-generational love for all things Dylan, so I jumped at the chance to submit some artwork.  …