Saskatoon Expo 2014

Hey friend,

Sorry about the long gap between posts.  I had a bunch of convention appearances, and other super fun stuff keeping me busy (more on that in future posts).  

Speaking of convention appearances, I must once again thank the team behind Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo for putting on my very favourite convention.  The second year was definitely bigger and better, but without losing that local, hands-on feel that made the first year so special.  

Photo courtesy Saskatoon Expo

The floor area was four times as big as last year, and in spite of all the new, excellent vendors and artists, I was kept busy at my table, and was so grateful for all the awesome new friends I made this year, as well as the returning visitors who it’s always great to see.  

There are so many highlights from the show, like getting my table next to the great Kyle Fast again, or appearing on the morning news in promotion of the event.  

But the most exciting part for me was meeting a (literal) hero of mine, Brandon Routh.  I was fortunate enough to spend a little bit of time with him, and he was everything you’d like for a Superman to be: generous, humble, kind, and just an all-around nice guy.

I’m the one on the right.

Thanks to the great DJ Tanner from C95, I was able to present Brandon with a token of appreciation on behalf of the comics community of Saskatoon, thanking him both for coming to our fair city, but also for being a worthy torch-bearer for the mantle of Superman.  

We’re such good friends, we even dress alike.  

Overall, an incredible weekend, and one I’ll always cherish. I have a lot of stories, and special moments from the event, but for now I’ll keep those to myself.

Thanks to everyone in my hometown who came out to support it, to my pal Joey Atimoyoo for being such a fantastic help at the table, to my wife for watching the kids while I was off hobnobbing with superheroes, and of course to Chris Bernhard and Mike Fisher, for sacrificing so much to bring a big league convention to our sleepy little town.  You have created something beautiful.

Photo courtesy Saskatoon Expo

For more pictures from the convention, check out the Facebook page here and here.

More updates coming soon, including still MORE gig posters, convention follow-ups and my biggest exposure ever (!)

Thanks for reading.  I love you.